Mature skin: key facts and useful tips

What is that cruel, defining moment when we fall over into the category of “mature skin”?

Is it when pillow creases on your cheek take a very hot shower, and half the morning to disappear?

Or when freckles spread into stubborn age spots?

Or when the girl at the cosmetic counter calls you “Madam”?

You can’t battle biology: As women’s bodies move into the perimenopause, our oestrogen levels drop off and with that comes a slow down in cell renewal, and a decrease in the natural oils the body produces that help moisturise our skin. The epidermis becomes thinner, and we stop producing so much collagen – a double whammy when it comes to wrinkles and fine lines.

So it becomes more important than ever to work with what we’ve got, and give our precious skin all the help we can: it is our largest organ, after all. And it takes a serious hammering every day.

What can we do?

And above all else: slap on the SPF Factor 15 or higher every. single. day. Make it as much of a habit as cleaning your teeth.

Beyond that, look to the products you use on your face and body on a daily basis. Check for the presence of anti-oxidants to combat the free radical damage which ages us most rapidly. Hivita Luminous White is an excellent place to start: Formulated with a breed of white tomato rich in anti-oxidants, it works above and below the skin to help reduce premature ageing effects caused by free radicals and sun damage.

Regular exfoliation supports the body’s own slowing natural cell renewal process, and there are many different approaches: a vigorous rubbing with a clean washcloth every couple of days can do the job, as would a professional chemical peel. But if your skin is thinning, maybe take a gentler route, and look for one of the moisturising, buffing products to use in the shower three or so times a week.

As far as applying your make-up goes, there are a couple of key tips for dealing with the fine lines and crows feet of aging skin:

  • Avoid piling on the foundation, it tends to cake into the creases of your skin and actually serves to emphasise wrinkles rather than disguise them.
  • Use lip liner to prevent your lipstick bleeding into the super fine lines that begin to appear around your lips.

If you want to waste hours of your life there’s a massive sub-genre of online videos demonstrating make-up and beauty tips, which will give you so much more information than we can include here.

Warning: They can be rather annoying viewing, however, as most of them are expounded by gorgeous young things who are definitely still in the cute freckle stage… Just let them wait & see 😉

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