A Better Night’s Sleep With Yoga for Kids

yoga to help kids sleep

A good night’s sleep is important for both children and adults. Bedtime yoga for kids is the perfect activity after bath time that can help start the wind down process for bedtime, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Try starting with a few poses that you can do together with your child then add a few more once your child is comfortable with them. Make sure you’re in your pjs too so you’re extra comfy!

5 yoga poses to help kids go to sleep

  1. Greet the Moon: Have your child begin by standing up nice and tall. Have them stretch their arms overhead. Instruct them to fold over their legs in a Forward Fold, then have them come all the way back up to standing with their arms reaching up. Have them end standing tall, with hands by their side. Repeat three times.
  2. Candlestick: This is perfect for calming the body and mind and for relieving tired legs. Have your child start off by lying on their back and instruct them to extend both legs up towards the ceiling. Make sure their neck is protected and encourage them to keep their eyes on their toes and avoid looking around. Kids can hold this pose for at least five full breaths.
  3. Hugs: As your child moves closer to sleep, have them hug their knees into their chest and squeeze all the tension out of their body. Encourage them to squeeze every muscle in their body (from their face down to toes!) and then release so the body feels nice and light and relaxed. Do this one time.
  4. Spaghetti Test: Parents wiggle child’s arms and legs to make sure they are nice and relaxed. Hold your child’s feet and wiggle their legs to release any last bit of tension. Then hold your child’s hands and wiggle their arms to encourage releasing any last bit of tension there.
  5. Wishing Star: This is a final meditation exercise designed to prepare the mind for sleep. This exercise clears the mind from stressful thoughts and shifts the mind’s focus to something positive. Simply instruct your child to lie on their back, close their eyes and imagine a star.

Hopefully the yoga poses will help send your child off to a wonderfully contented sleep so you have lots of time to unwind yourself.