5 healthy habits you need to start right now

healthy habits

Every time New Year’s Eve rolls around, there’s a flurry of people posting their New Year’s resolutions on social media, the majority of these revolving around getting healthier. While everyone goes all out for the first day or so (in fact studies show that 70% of people keep their resolutions for the first week) the effort declines dramatically by the end of the year. The same studies show that less than 10% of people actually follow through with their goals by the December.

Research recommends that cultivating good habits is a much more efficient way of achieving your goals, and when your goal is to ‘get healthy’ then it’s actually easier than you think. They say it takes at least 28 days to adopt a habit, so instead of a whole year’s resolution, aim for 28 days and you might just keep it up all year long.

5 healthy habits to start today

  1. Drink more water.

You don’t need a reminder about the health benefits of water (there’s a lot of them!), but if you’re someone who regularly opts for juice or soft drink then try to substitute water instead. Not only are you saving around 150 calories and 10 grams of sugar every time you do, you’ll start feeling better for it – I promise!

  1. Eat Breakfast

No, coffee does not count! A healthy and nutritious breakfast gets you on the right track for the day, keeps your energy levels up for the day and studies show that people who eat breakfast generally have better eating habits and eat healthier than people who don’t. If time is your issue try a smoothie that you can drink on the run, or keep healthy breakfast options at work to have when you get there.

healthy habits

  1. Get Moving

We’re not suggesting you run a marathon, but aim to add more movement to your day. Can you walk somewhere rather than drive? Take the stairs, not the lifts. Can you make a conscious effort to be more active? Find a friend who wants to walk with you, join a team sport or run around the park with the kids. Just adding 30 minutes more movement a day will increase your overall health (you might even enjoy it!)

  1. Eat more Whole Foods

Whole foods have been a bit of a buzz word lately, but it’s a really simple concept. Whole food refers to food that has been processed and refined as little as possible – basically ‘real’ food. By aiming to eat more fruits, vegetables and natural, unprocessed foods you’re instantly making healthier choices. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients in a product the chances are you shouldn’t be eating it.

heathy habits

  1. Enjoy some “Me Time”

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and as life gets busier and we become constantly connected via social media and email our mental health often declines. Try to schedule some “me time” into your day. It can be as simple as a walk around the park, enjoying a cup of coffee on your own or a workout at the gym. Whatever makes YOU relaxed and happy. Make it a priority and put it in your diary now!

healthy habits