How to avoid over indulging this Easter

avoid over indulging this Easter

How to avoid over indulging this Easter

Each year the signs of Easter in groceries and shops come earlier and earlier. When January hit this year, the shops were already displaying hot cross buns and rabbit chocolates. You can already feel your waistline expanding and April has only just begun!

Here are some tips to help you navigate this sugar-laden holiday

Replace some of the chocolates

The whole point of the chocolates is to hide them for the Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday. The kids go crazy hunting them down. Instead of hiding only chocolates for the day, why not replace them with other stuff, like decorated boiled eggs? Or make a fake egg and place gold coins inside. You can also place other things like a pretty ring, a hair clip or a toy inside an egg. By doing this, your kids will have some chocolates but not too much that there’s a lot of leftover for you to consume yourself when they’re not around.

avoid over indulging this Easter

Have healthy foods available

When the family gathers for the Easter Sunday lunch or breakfast, make sure you have healthy alternatives on the table, ready for everyone to gobble up. Stuff like sliced fruits, salmon on crackers with cheese and veggie sticks can make a difference. This way you’re not mindlessly reaching out for the high-sugar alternatives because there are healthy ones available.

avoid over indulging this Easter

Don’t buy too much

When April hits (or even February), the shops tend to go nuts with stocking chocolates and putting them on special. This entices customers to buy in bulk because they are cheaper. Remember that just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they’re good quality. Don’t get tempted to buy a lot (unless you have that many family members). Just get enough for that one Sunday morning so you’re not left with too much temptation afterwards.

avoid over indulging this Easter

Go gourmet

You don’t have to abstain altogether. It will drive you nuts if you love chocolates and everyone is eating while you’re not. There is a bigger chance you’ll hide them and stuff your face when no one is around. The trick is to get yourself the best ones possible. Leave the cheaper variety to the kiddies and get yourself some gourmet chocolate treats. Savor each bite, relax and take your time. That way you’re not only scratching that chocolate itch, you’re also enjoying some very good gourmet chocolates.

avoid over indulging this Easter

Pull out the facts

When all else fails, and the kids are screaming for more chocolates, it might be worth pulling out the facts. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, every 100 grams of chocolate contains an average of 60 or more insect fragments. These are stuff like cockroach parts, cockroach eggs, rodent hair and so on.

Good luck and have a happy and safe Easter holiday!

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