How to Maintain Your Health and Fitness During Winter

maintain your health and fitness during winter

How to Maintain Your Health and Fitness During Winter

The winter chill is setting in and so is your human desire to bunker down under blankets, in your heated home, bingeing on Netflix. While there’s nothing wrong with that at least some of the time, it’s easy to find your health and fitness waning as you seek out less of the exercise and more of all the comfort foods you can find! This can lead to added levels of anxiety and depression and decrease immunity and energy levels.

It’s important to maintain your health and fitness during winter to ensure you are able to fight off those pesky colds and those extra kilos that easily creep up on you. Here’s how you can:

Keep on Exercising

As the days get shorter and things get darker a lot earlier, you might find yourself skipping your evening walk or visit to the gym. However, it’s essential to keep up exercise during winter as it not only increases the health of your immune system, but it also keeps you feeling good emotionally. Instead of throwing exercise out altogether in winter, swap your routine for something more winter friendly, by working out during the day or from home in the evenings. It doesn’t matter what you do as such, as long as you keep moving.

Distance Your Devices and Get Some Sleep

Sleep keeps you feeling revitalised and gives your body the strength it needs to fight off infection. It’s easy to say you’ll try get more sleep, but it’s hard sometimes as you find yourself catching up on work, social media or just your favourite TV show in bed! Try distancing your devices away from your bedside and try reading a book or magazine in bed before drifting off into a quality slumber. Anything from 8-10 hours sleep is ideal!

Wash Your Hands When You Can

Within your day you may shake many hands, handle money or be dealing with sick children or the elderly. Now’s a really good time to increase how many times you wash your hands throughout the day and be sure to have some hand sanitiser or antibacterial wash to keep your hands germ free.

Eat Well

It goes without saying that eating well during winter will help your immune system stay strong and keep your energy levels remaining high. Many of the fruits and vegetables that are in season are best for your diet in winter including:

  • Citrus Fruits: Inject your body with a Vitamin C boost from oranges, mandarins, lemons and limes
  • Broccoli
  • Capsicum
  • Kiwi fruit

Give Your Body a Boost with Vitamins

To make sure you’ve really got your health covered, give your body a complete boost with vitamins for optimum health and fitness in winter. High potency Hivita Vitamin C and Zinc helps strengthen your immunity and protects against colds and flu. It also aids the absorption of iron to make sure the foods you are getting iron out of iron-rich foods you are consuming. For the little ones Hivita Liquivita for Kids supports a healthy immune function as well as supporting healthy growth and development.

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