thyroid problem

What its like living with a thyroid problem

This week we have invited Kris from The Mummy K a mother, blogger and published author, to share her experience living with a thyroid problem. All opinions and advice are her own. I have an under active thyroid. I finally figured that one out. For years I have suspected there was something wrong with my system

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three steps to more healthy skin

Healthy skin is beautiful skin

Healthy skin is made from the inside out: it’s a mix of sound science, healthy habits and a good skincare routine. When you combine all three, your skin will be radiant – and you’ll have greater overall health to show for it. Three steps to more healthy skin Step one: Be sun safe While Australia

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what causes age spots

Air pollution linked to age spots

Did you know that high levels of traffic-related air pollution and air pollution gases have a big link with the dark spots that appear on your skin? Dark spots, also known as lentigenes or liver spots, contain an increased number of melanin-forming cells of the skin called melanocytes. They may first appear small but may

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younger skin

New skincare system based on over 10 years of research

Fact: Most women would rather look young than slim When it comes to appearance most women would prefer to look younger than slimmer. A 2014 survey found that 41 per cent of women wished they looked younger and 20 per cent of women worried about their age every day. It also found that one-third of

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food for healthy skin

10 food rules for a leaner body and glowing skin

There’s a lot of truth in this saying: Its a lot easier to look good on the outside if your only putting good things in. We know it can be hard to eat well, especially when we are all under too much time pressure to prepare wholesome meals, but we’ve put together 10 food rules to help

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The natural anti-ageing secret

Our skin is one of the best indicators of our health. It is also the first part of our body to show its age. Skin is our largest organ, covering our entire body. It works hard for us, being the first line of defence against bacteria and disease. It is exposed to environmental toxins and

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antioxidant for skin health

Eat your way to healthy skin

Everyone wants to have beautiful and healthy skin. The billions of dollars of products we consume each year is a big evidence of that. In Australia, people spend $100 billion on beauty care products alone. Beautiful skin is more than skin deep According to an article by Marcelle Pick, beautiful skin is not just skin

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natural skin lightener

Achieve lighter skin, naturally

Healthy skin is beautiful skin The Australian beauty ideal is starting to change, as more and more Australian women start to see the light. The bronzed Aussie is becoming a thing of the past as we become more vigilant in protecting our skin from the sun’s harsh rays and the long term damage that sun

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home made tomato soup recipe

Oven-roasted tomato soup

Nothing says ‘winter warmer’ more than tomato soup, and you really need to give our roasted tomato soup with whole meal croutons and flax seed oil recipe a try. Made from scratch, this homemade tomato soup is a source of Vitamins E, B6, A, C and K, Thiamine, Niacin, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Copper. Ingredients: 1 kilogram

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light skin

Skin lightening trend on the up

The desire for healthy looking fair skin is a trend that is gaining ground around the world, not just in Australia. There is currently a high demand for skin lightening creams in several markets. According to a study released by Global Industry Analysts, the global market for skin lighteners is expected to reach US$30 billion

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Luminous White review

Blogger roadtest: My Hivita Luminous White experience

We invited blogger Kris from Her Collective to join us at the launch event for Hivita Luminous White and to trial the Hivita Luminous White Skin Lightening Collection for herself. Here she shares her experience and before and after photos with us. I am a big skeptic when it comes to beauty products. Over the

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Healthy skin from the inside out

How you look on the outside has a lot to do with how you look on the inside. The health of your skin, hair and nails is an indicator of internal health. When the body is lacking nutrition, it can manifest in sallow, congested skin that suffers blemishes, sensitivity, dryness or premature lines. Nails may

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how to have the best skin

The guide to your best skin

Your skin is one of the best indicators of inner health. Many people spend time and money to have perfect skin, but pay little heed to how their inner health, and other lifestyle factors contribute to the appearance of their skin. Your skin’s biggest enemy: the sun While Australia is considered to be the ‘lucky’

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antioxidants and skin

When sunscreen is not enough

Did you know sunscreen products do not always offer adequate protection against the harmful effects of the sun? A researcher from the University of Illinois developed a technique to study how the skin is affected by UV radiation. “Ultraviolet radiation is known to cause several forms of skin cancer, including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell

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Hivita Luminous White Launch Event

The Hivita Luminous White launch event was held last week against the spectacular backdrop of Eureka 89 in Southbank, Melbourne. The exclusive event was attended by a mix of bloggers, beauty buyers and celebrities, with everyone buzzing about Hivita’s scientific breakthrough in natural skin health and beauty. Special guest MC Nicky Buckley opened the event. She

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Behind the scenes of our photo shoot

The face of Hivita Luminous White will be revealed tonight at the global launch of our new age-defying skin care range. With her natural luminous beauty, healthy skin and inner glow, Monika is a perfect match for our new range which supports lighter, brighter and more youthful-looking skin. The shoot with the stunningly beautiful Monika took place over

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Australians seeing the light

Australians are seeing the light

Tanning is out! New findings from the Cancer Council’s National Sun Protection Survey show that Australian adolescents are developing healthier attitudes towards tanning. The survey said the number of young Australians aged 12-17 years old who like to get a tan dropped from 60 per cent 10 years ago to 38 per cent last year.

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natural skin lightener

Introducing Hivita Luminous White

A remarkable advance in Australian health and beauty 10 years in the making 100% natural ingredients Two innovative products One dramatic breakthrough After 10 years research and development,the power of Solanum Lycopersicum (a unique breed of white tomato) has been harnessed in an innovative new beauty system. The non-genetically modified, specially-selected fruit extract which powers the new range

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