reduce stress

21 ways to immediately reduce stress

Everyone feels stressed from time to time, and it’s rarely a pleasant experience. But before you grab that tub of ice cream or hit the shops, take a few deep breaths and try one of the options below. You can also take a daily Hivita Stress during times of increased stress to help relieve nervous tension,

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understanding thyroid disorders

Understanding thyroid disorders

The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located in the front of the neck, which produces hormones that control our metabolism, our energy production which operates all our vital processes. These thyroid hormones have a major impact on growth, use of energy, heat production, and infertility, affecting the use of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, electrolytes,

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Superfoods: The A to Z of good stuff in foodstuff

Ever wondered what makes superfoods so very super? Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods that can enhance your health and wellbeing New items get added and dropped from various Superfood reference lists each year, with more exotic recent additions including chia seeds, goji berries and quinoa. But what’s really interesting is that all of the current lists still feature

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be happy and healthy

10 secrets to healthy living

Want to know our simple secrets to healthy living? Here’s our top 10 secrets for healthy living now, and well into your later years: Drink enough pure, filtered or spring water each day to produce light, straw-coloured urine and a pink, moist tongue Save drinking alcohol for special occasions only, never as a daily ritual, indulgence

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yoga and stress

What makes yoga so effective?

Ommmm… Erm? We’ve already mentioned that when it comes to types of exercise that relieve stress, yoga is great. But why is it such an effective all-round work out, and why has it been embraced by so many different people from world-class athletic coaches to rehabilitation specialists, from lithe spiritualists to muscle-bound footy players? One

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Menopause symptoms and relief

Menopause: surviving the worst symptoms

Take a deep breath. This, too, will pass. No, it bleedin’ well won’t pass. It’s menopause, and it sucks! Actually it’s also the perimenopause, which is the very unhelpfully vague period of time that can last anywhere from 18 months to (please – no!) 10 years, when the ovaries start to roll back hormone production.

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importance of core strength

The importance of building core strength

Have you remembered to do your pelvic floor exercises today? Sitting at the traffic lights, watching TV, scrolling down your Facebook feed or even when you’re at your desk working on a deadline… All top opportunities for a bit of deep core tightening. New mums are always told how crucial it is work their pelvic floor muscles

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adrenal exhaustion

Does “adrenal exhaustion” exist?

Adrenal exhaustion – what is it? Adrenal exhaustion is a complaint that affects thousands of Australians. It is physiological imbalance of the adrenal glands, which rest on top of our kidneys, leading to their under-function. This reduces the production of their key hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, as a result of intensive and persistent mental or

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importance of sleep

Why is sleep so important?

We’ve all experienced a grotty day following a rough night: irritability and moodiness; an inability to concentrate; and as for multi-tasking – well, suddenly you’ve developed a y chromosome out of nowhere… Joking aside, it’s been shown that if lack of sleep continues over a longer period of time, what started as a hissy fit

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Strawberry Vanilla Muffins with Coconut Flour

I am forever trying to come up with new, healthy snack options to tempt my kids. And its always nice to pop a special treat in their school lunch boxes. This recipe ticks the boxes for being something the kids love, and also a healthy snack choice. Plus the recipe is easy enough for the

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build immunity

Your family could be making you sick!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family but some days they just make me sick! It’s not intentional they just happen to be three energetic school-aged kids who bring home an assortment of nasty bugs that kids seem to bounce back from but can knock over a middle-aged mother in a heartbeat! And I’m

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better nights sleep

6 tips for a better night’s sleep

We spend a significant portion of our lives doing it. And it’s fundamental to our mental and physical well-being. It’s sleep – and we need to get it right. Normally sleep is regulated by instinctive internal forces… Just as hunger is the drive to nourish our bodies, so drowsiness is the big flashing freeway warning

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relieve stress through exercise

Relieve stress through exercise

Chronic stress is ugly. It has many, serious physical symptoms, such as exhaustion, insomnia, depression, weight gain and muscle wastage.  All of these have been attributed to an individual’s inability to cope with pressure. The human body secretes cortisol when it’s stressed. Normally, when released, cortisol helps keeps us going throughout the day – keeps

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healthy ageing

5 tips for healthy ageing and menopause management

We all want to live a long, happy life so its important to hold on to our health for as long as we can. Here’s five proven methods to help you age well on the inside, and out: 1. Avoid too much sugar The ageing process can be accelerated by having higher than optimal blood

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Superfoods for the menopause

Every woman’s body is different – that’s for sure. And we’re rarely completely satisfied with the one we’ve got. And during the overall period of menopause – which we know can go on for years for some of us – we’re definitely not very happy with ourselves. There has been a movement in recent times

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food cravings

Tips to help stop food cravings

Do you wish you could stop your food cravings for hot chips, ice cream, chocolate, or takeaway? We all want to quit craving foods that make us fat and don’t give us nourishment. So what’s the story here? Food cravings aren’t all bad. We just need to have the right kind of food cravings. Bad

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How to get a good night’s sleep

Missing a good night’s sleep is not so bad if you can catch up the following night and restore your energy. However regular or persistent sleep deprivation causes serious short and long term health consequences. According to research it only takes a week of poor sleep habits to alter metabolic and endocrine functions. Chronic sleep

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benefit of team sport for adults

Benefits of team sport for adults

Participating in team sport is always a big thing for school-aged kids, from football and netball, to cricket and tee-ball, to water polo and hockey. Team sport also plays a big part at school with PE and school teams opening sport up for more kids. But as kids grow up into their teens and beyond, there’s

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