St George Hospital Gains new life saving machines

Two new LUCAS 2 Chest Compression Systems have today been donated to St George Hospital by local business, Hivita Vitamins.

The LUCAS 2 is a mechanical chest compression device that can be deployed quickly and provides automatic external chest compressions to a patient suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. The use of the machine enables medical staff to attend to the patient while the compression system performs at least 100 compressions per minute with a depth of 2 inches.

A recent radio interview about the life saving capabilities of the LUCAS 2 so moved local resident from Kogarah Maria Jovanova, she told her company Hivita Vitamins what she'd heard and they have agreed to purchase two for St George Hospital.

"I heard on radio the story of a 41 year old mother of two young children who suffered a severe cardiac arrest but was saved due to the availability of the LUCAS 2 machine at a nearby hospital," Maria Jovanova said. "When I told my work colleagues about it, we all agreed this would be a vital piece of equipment in any hospital or ambulance. When I enquired further, it was clear our local hospital St George, didn't have the machine so our company, Hivita have now donated two."

When activated, the LUCAS 2 compressions provide consistent, continuous perfusion to the brain, heart and major organs, giving the clinical staff the opportunity to focus on patient management. Even though the underlying cardiac problem can be repaired, without adequate perfusion there is the risk of brain damage.

"We are incredibly grateful for the donation of the two LUCAS 2 medical CPR devices," said Dr Alex Tzannes, Emergency Physician at St George Hospital. "They have the potential to make the difference between life and death for victims of cardiac arrest."

Hivita Vitamins owners, Gorge Jovanov and Stanika Jovanova are local business people who believe in supporting their community and health is of utmost importance.

"We have spent our working lives trying to improve the health of Australian's through our vitamin supplements," said Mr Jovanov. "If we can help in other ways such as through donating these life saving machines to St George Hospital, then we know we are making a difference to other people's lives."