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We all want to step out with luminously beautiful skin. That foundation-perfect skin, minus the heavy make-up.

With the Hivita Luminous White Collection it’s possible to have more even skin tone, fewer wrinkles, less discolouration and reduced lines as we grow older. Hivita Luminous White represents a true breakthrough in the skin care market. The range has been scientifically-developed and clinically proven to support anti-ageing and create a luminously radiant complexion.

Clinical results:
Hivita Luminous White Age Defy Cream

The effect:

  • age defy creamAfter a month of twice-daily application, participants reported significant improvements in skin radiance, age spots, skin smoothness, skin elasticity, wrinkle reduction and visible skin health in self-evaluation.
  • After three months of treatment, the participants also said they witnessed significant skin lightening at both measured time points of 42 days and 84 days.
  • 62% said they experienced a significant decrease in hyper-pigmentation such as skin blemishes, freckles, redness and unevenness. After 84 days it rose to 90%
  • 71% of the participants experienced a significant decrease in age spots after 42 days of continued use.

As for anti-ageing effects, participants reported a:

  • 43% wrinkle count reduction
  • 19% increase in skin firmness
  • 29% increase in skin elasticity

Participants also reported improvements in skin radiance, evenness, hydration, smoothness, suppleness, elasticity and reduced skin irritability. They found their skin to be more resistant to sun damage, as well as visually healthier and more beautiful.

Hivita Luminous White Skin Lightener

Lightening of the skin:

  • 25123 Hivita LW_capsules73% of trial participants experienced a significant skin lightening effect after 42 days continued use.
  • 77% experienced a decrease in skin pigmentation after 42 days, with 82% seeing an improvement after 84 days.

Skin quality:

  1. Clinical scoring by an expert dermatologist found a significant improvement in skin dryness, roughness, suppleness, evenness and texture.
  2. Participants found their skin to be more beautiful and visually healthier, with improvements in:
    • Skin radiance
    • Evenness
    • Hydration
    • Smoothness
    • Suppleness
    • Elasticity
    • Irritability

# Skin colour was measured using a spectrocolorimeter and skin lightening was evaluated as a change in colorimetric parameters L (from dark to light), b and ITA (Individual Typological Angle)


Hivita Luminous White user testimonials

In this video, we invite Kris and Fiona to share their experience using Hivita Luminous White: