natural skin lightener


natural skin lightener

Crafted by science

natural skin lightener

clinically proven

The Hivita Luminous White Skin Lightening Collection represents a remarkable advance in Australian health and beauty.

The result of 10 years research and development, the new skincare system has been developed from a rare breed of non-genetically modified white tomatoes rich in Phytoene and Phytofluene; Colourless carotenoids known to lighten and even skin tone by having a direct effect on skin pigmentation and protecting the skin from sun damage.

The collection includes a skin-lightening supplement and age-defying cream that work in harmony above and below the skin to deliver more beautiful and visually healthier skin.

Made from a blend of patented, 100 percent natural ingredients, the skincare system has been clinically proven to decrease pigmentation, reverse sun damage, lighten age spots, reduce wrinkles and protect against pollution.

skin lightener


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natural skin lightener reviews
"I don't normally believe the hype about beauty products but Hivita Luminous White actually works. Definitely a good product to try" Kris, NSW
natural skin lightener
"I'd normally use an anti-ageing serum, different moisturisers, an eye cream and eye gel. Now I only use Hivita Luminous White and can see better results. After my first week I could notice my skin was more even, softer and supple and I didn't need as much make up." Fiona, NSW

Behind the scenes of the Luminous White photo shoot