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Hivita Stress
A multivitamin packed with vitamins, minerals & amino acids to assist the body during times of stress, may reduce fatigue & mild anxiety

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Hivita Stress is a complete multivitamin formula to help fight stress, fatigue and elevate mood.

  • Helps relieve stress, nervous tension and mild anxiety
  • May help reduce tiredness, elevate mood and boost energy levels
  • Helps support the body to maintain a healthy nervous system. A strong nervous system is essential to being able to effectively fight the symptoms of stress.
  • Contains Vitamin C (200mg) and Selenium (100mcg equivalent) which helps reduce oxidative stress in the body, lower inflammation and support immunity health
  • Selenium helps protect the heart by supporting the body to reduce hypertension and relieve the pain of angina attacks
  • May increase blood vessel dilation (vasodilation) which can improve blood flow
  • High dose of Vitamin B3 (385mg) in the form of Nicotinamide (350mg) and Nicotinic (35mg) acid which increases circulation for better oxygen and nutrient delivery at times of stress
  • Combination of Vitamins B3, B9, B12, C & E to help support blood flow and circulation
  • May assist cholesterol management via Vitamin B3 which favours the production of red blood cells and helps prevent hardening of the arteries
  • Enteric coated for slow release and better absorption of nutrients in the intestine

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