Hivita is one of the few multivitamin brands to be Australian made, owned and formulated. All of our products are manufactured and packed in Australia using locally available and imported ingredients in a world-class TGA-licensed manufacturing facility in Minto, NSW. Look for the official Australian made and owned kangaroo logo on our packs. Hivita Vitamins are exceptionally high quality products formulated by experts in the field of complementary medicine. Our range is packed full with the highest possible amount of actives, the finest ingredients and all minerals are in chelated format and are bioavailable which means they are more readily absorbed by your body.

I have taken other Women’s Multi’s before, but never can I honestly say that after 3 weeks of taking it I had energy back again. Being a working Mum with a 2 year old keeps me busy and I can finally say I am now coping with the load… With a smile!



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