Hivita Vitamins are proudly Australian made, owned and formulated

Australian made vitaminssHivita is one of the few multivitamins to be Australian made, owned and formulated. All of our products are manufactured and packed in Australia using locally available and imported ingredients in a world-class TGA-licensed manufacturing facility in Minto, NSW. Look for the official Australian made and owned kangaroo logo on our packs.

Premium quality

Hivita Vitamins are exceptionally high quality products formulated by experts in the field of complementary medicine.

Our range is packed full with the highest possible amount of actives, the finest ingredients and all minerals are in chelated format and are bioavailable which means they are more readily absorbed by your body.

We use therapeutic doses of key herbs for optimal performance and offer unique products to best suit the demands of today’s lifestyles.

To consistently ensure premium high quality, Hivita sources superior materials for our products from leading local and global providers of raw materials.

We only use materials that consistently meet the highest standards and specifications of British Pharmacopeia, British Herbal Pharmacopeia and TGA approved pharmacopeias and raw material monographs and guidelines.

The best for our family, as well as yours

Hivita is a family owned company, passionate about helping people make positive changes to their health and lifestyle.

It is directed by two highly qualified chemists with over 60 years experience between them. In 1995 they founded Lipa Pharmaceuticals, now Australia’s leading contract manufacturer of dietary supplements and OTC pharmaceutical products. An unrelenting focus on quality saw LIPA rapidly evolve from a small start-up into a world class, cutting-edge manufacturing business. Now they are focusing their valuable experience, expertise and passion into the locally-produced Hivita brand.

All of our vitamin supplements have been formulated by a team of highly experienced professionals who have the health and wellbeing of their own families, as well as yours, in mind. By creating the best for us, we have created the best for you as well.

World class manufacturing

Hivita Vitamins are made in Australia in world class, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities based in Minto, NSW. We have made a short video on our manufacturing process:

Stringent quality control

To ensure all products are manufactured to the highest quality, Hivita’s Quality Control comprises a chemist laboratory, in-process quality control laboratory and micro laboratory.

  • Raw Material Testing: Chemistry/Microbiology using both wet chemistry and modern instrumentation including HPLC, UV VIS spectroscopy, ICP for Mineral analysis, GC, CAMAG-HPTLC for herbal identification, Infra-Red Spectroscopy. Herbal ingredients are fully tested, including full identification and for the absence of pesticides, heavy metals and nasty residues.
  • In Process Testing: Regular quality control checks at different stages of Dispensing, Granulation, Mixing, Tableting or Encapsulation, Coating, Packing and labelling, and Dispatch.

Intermediate and Finished Product Testing of Actives to ensure label claims are always met, and products meet the requirements for physical, microbiological and chemical parameters including identification, disintegration time, dimensions, aesthetic/appearance and active components.

All Quality assurance documentation of TGA requirements (manufacturing batch cards, traceability of all ingredients used in a batch, validated manufacturing process, validated testing methods, staff training and standard operating procedures, etc) are kept on file for audit.

The frequency and number of quality checks for each product varies depending on the complexity of formula.  Several hundred quality checks and tests (from the beginning of the process of raw material receipt and testing up to finished product dispatch) take place to ensure that premium, high quality products are consistently delivered to our family and yours.

Government regulation

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is part of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, and is responsible for the regulation of therapeutic goods including complementary medicines, medical devices, blood and blood products. Any product for which therapeutic claims are made must be listed, registered or included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) before it can be supplied in Australia.

Complementary medicines may be either listed or registered, depending on their ingredients and the claims made.

The entire range of Hivita premium complementary medicines have an AUST L Code, which means that they are listed with the TGA and have been assessed for their safety and quality.

To be a listed medicine on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) a product:

  • can only contain certain low risk ingredients in acceptable amounts that are permitted for use in listed medicines by the TGA
  • must be manufactured in accordance with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • can only make indications (for therapeutic use) for health maintenance and health enhancement or certain indications for non-serious, self-limiting conditions.

Each Hivita product has a unique AUST L registration number indicated at the bottom of the front label. All Hivita products are manufactured and packed in Australia using locally available and imported ingredients in a world-class TGA-licensed facility.

The TGA-licensed facility utilises the highest standards of equipment and technology to produce tablets, 2 piece hard-shells, powders, liquids, creams and a variety of soft gelatin capsules. The manufacturing facility maintains a strict quality assurance process, which conforms to the requirements of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S) Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products.

The manufacture of products in Australia is highly regulated, with the TGA only allowing the use of pre-approved ingredients, and ensuring that stringent Good Manufacturing Guidelines are followed.  In fact Australia has one of the most highly regulated complementary medicines industry in the world.  Some countries, including the United States of America, manufacture and regulate dietary supplements as a category of food, and not pharmaceutical drugs.

Did you know: In Australia, it is not mandatory by law for complementary medicines to indicate on their label where they manufacture their product. Some AUST L products are simply packaged and sold in Australia and are manufactured in overseas facilities.

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