From farm to capsules our ingredients are comprehensively tested during our manufacturing process.

  • 100% VEGAN

    Plant-based products are the foundation of our journey towards a healthier life. GMO, gluten and allergen free.


    All products bottled in infinitely recyclable glass and produced with our sustainable farm and environmental practices.


    Founded by a doctor delivering wellness since 1978 with all products manufactured in NSW, Australia.

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The HIVITA Happy Energy difference

  • Over 45 years of wellness

    Established by an Australian doctor in 1978, HIVITA is further nurtured by the founder of the biggest contract manufacturer of complementary medicine in Australia.

    Our Story 
  • Herb Spotlight

    Dive into our natural premium herbs that make HIVITA vitamin and supplements the Happiest energy on earth!

    Herb Spotlight 
  • Giving back with Australian Zoo

    Our partnership with the Australia Zoo, Wildlife Warriors and Irwin family celebrates making a difference in the world we live in by wildlife and habitat conservation

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