Our Story

Our happy story is your story, driven by the 3E’s - love of Earth, Ethics and Energy.

Love that is proven by actions, not just words. Profits are important for every company to be commercially viable and do good for team and society. However, morals should always come before money. Otherwise, regardless of financial wealth, we will be always be poor. Our journey is about constantly pausing and reflecting, to ensure our decisions are the best for the health of earth and society.

As the famous Ralph Waldo Emerson said “The first health is wealth!”. What we eat, drink and think affects our health. The times we live in have many destructive distractions. Stress and lack of good nutrition are two of the biggest contributors. It’s almost impossible to always eat a healthy diet, and not be exposed to stress, pollution and health ailments. We want to empower our community with healthy habits and clinically proven natural medicines to counteract the imperfect world we live in.

Natural medicines that are practitioner strength, based on outcomes from independent clinical studies with clearly validated benefits. Some think natural medicines are expensive wee, others believe that they’re vital to a healthy diet. Everyone is entitled to their view. Many years ago, folic acid wasn’t even recommended for pregnant mothers to prevent spina bifida; vitamin D to combat depression and immune disease or iron to treat and prevent fatigue and anaemia; now they are all vital and recommended by doctors all over the world! There are many other essential vitamins and minerals that fit into this category and they will all eventually be recommended too. Change takes time.

Look at the independent evidence, and feel the difference when you try HIVITA WELLNESS. Feel boost in immune system performance, better coping abilities with stress and more energy - just a few of the many benefits. A positive and happy mindset plays a big part in positive outcomes. However, regardless how much you try to be happy, if you’re deficient in certain vitamins or minerals, that can have a negative impact on your moods, energy levels and wise decisions, thwarting the best of your abilities to function in a happy and healthy manner. A bit like trying to run a car on positivity, without fuel and oil. In an imperfect world, HIVITA WELLNESS vitamin and mineral supplements refuel your tank to promote a healthy mind and body. The happy history of your HIVITA WELLNESS brand has stood the test of time, and speaks for itself. Developed by a doctor over 42 years ago, it continues to be the trusted brand for many.