Our story

It started over 20 years ago when husband and wife chemists, Gorge and Stanika Jovanov’s start-up business, Lipa Pharmaceuticals, became Australia’s largest contract dietary supplement manufacturer.




After decades of formulating and supplying most of Australia’s top brands, they decided it was time to launch their own healthcare company. A company that would set the standard for its industry leading benchmarks.

Their premium Hivita vitamin range combines the best possible ingredients in finely balanced and unique formulations, providing the highest therapeutic potency.

And for skincare, their innovative approach has introduced a remarkable breakthrough in Australian health and beauty: The Hivita Luminous White skin lightening collection is clinically proven to reverse sun damage, treat pigmentation and reduce wrinkles. It lightens skin tone, evens complexion, improves skin health and is changing the face of skincare in this country.

The Hivita story is all about passion, dedication and future thinking. Their journey has only just begun. There’s so much more in store.

What inspires us

Australian made vitaminsOur vision is not to be the largest healthcare company, just the best. In fact, we’re determined that:

  • If it’s not the optimum therapeutic potency, we won’t make it
  • If it’s not scientifically based, we won’t consider it
  • If it’s not premium quality, we won’t sell it
  • If it’s not Australian made, we won’t support it

Why compromise?

Because we all lead such non-stop lives, sometimes the decisions we have to make are second best. They’re compromises, and we know it. Sometimes those choices can affect vital things like your family’s health and nutrition. Maybe too much fast food appears on your weekly menu. Perhaps your kids aren’t getting all the vitamins and minerals their bodies need.

We understand that life isn’t perfect. But when it comes to giving your family the best vitamin range, you don’t have to compromise.

We don’t and never will compromise on the quality of the Hivita range. That’s why our standards are second to none, and our products deliver what they promise.