Are vitamin gummies a good choice for kids?

We all lead non-stop lives, and sometimes the decisions we have to make are second best.

We constantly worry about the food we are serving our kids – whether or not they have enough nutrients. Most of the time, we don’t have time to prepare meals from scratch. Also, there are some days when they just refuse to eat anything.

Many parents use multivitamins to help fill nutritional gaps in their child’s diet. But just when they think they’re doing the right thing by giving their kids vitamin gummies, they find out it’s really not the best option. You’ll be surprised by just how much sugar many parents are giving their kids in the form of a health care product.

Are vitamin gummies a good choice for kids?

Vitamin Gummies are an incredibly popular product, yet ultimately some are a poor compromise given the level of sugar they contain. One market-leading gummie contains one gram of sugar each tablet. A typical pack of 120 gummies contains 120 grams – that’s a total of 30 teaspoons, of sugar. We’re not even including the artificial ingredients and flavours in there too.

According to an article by nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan, they had a current leading brand of kids vitamins independently analysed and found out that the product range contained over 50 per cent sugar.

“Adding a small dose of vitamins and minerals to a sugar-filled lolly does not make it good for our children. Nutritional supplements can be made appealing to children without the excessive use of added sugars,” she said in the article.

Aside from the health issues, these vitamins in lolly form are also a big problem for kids’ teeth. Not only is the child consuming added sugar, their teeth will also suffer from dental decay. Something important to remember is that you won’t find the sugar level featured on the packaging as, unlike food products, sugar isn’t an active ingredient so there is no requirement for sugar levels to be listed on the label of supplements.

Hivita Liquivita for Kids - A better choice

Hivita Liquivita for Kids is a complete multivitamin for kids. It is been formulated with 30 essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs to help fill nutritional gaps and support healthy growth and development and immune function. It has a natural pineapple and mango flavour, a taste kids love, without any artificial colours or flavours. The delicious liquid multivitamin also has no added glucose or sucrose which helps parents manage their child's daily sugar intake and ultimately make a better choice for their health and vitality.

We understand that life isn’t perfect. But when it comes to giving your family the best vitamin range, you don’t have to compromise.

Please note: Supplement vitamins can only be of assistance if dietary vitamin intake is inadequate.