Low energy, weak immune system, stressed or tired?

Low energy, weak immune system, stressed or tired?

If you are low on vitamins and minerals, it may be the reason for low energy, weak immune system, stress and tiredness, brittle nails and thinning hair.

It is true, in ideal circumstances healthy food, regular exercise and adequate sleep are sufficient for well-being. However, the real world is not ideal. Life is more demanding, and food is no longer as wholesome as it used to be, due to processing and exposure to pesticides and herbicides (toxic chemicals used in modern farming).

Processed food, higher levels of stress and pollutants place greater demand on our mind and body. At times you may even eat wholesome foods, yet a poor digestive system or absorption disorders may prevent vital nutrients from being absorbed into your bloodstream to deliver the desired benefits. So even when you’re doing everything right, you could still be low on important vitamins and minerals. The result? Weakened immune system, low energy levels, thinning hair and brittle nails. Research shows long term nutritional deficiencies can compromise your health.

HIVITA Happy Energy Women’s and Men’s vitamin and mineral supplements promote a healthy mind and body. When taken daily, you may feel
the difference in better coping mechanisms and increased energy in the first week. Healthier hair and nails can take a few weeks to rebuild.
Trusted for 40 years, easy to swallow capsules, 100% vegan brand
The happy history of HIVITA Happy Energy was born over 40 years ago by an Australian Doctor. HIVITA (hi-vy-ta) is based on scientifically proven ingredients, is Australian researched and made incorporating premium plant based ingredients in easy to swallow capsules, liquids and melts. HIVITA capsules are also not just easier to swallow – but they don’t stink like some tablets nor contain chemicals used to coat tablets.

Tailored dosages, love of people and planet
Built for whatever the day throws at you – HIVITA is one of the first brands with tailored dosages to give you control of your well-being. Choose the ideal dose for the day to achieve the best result without wasting money. Plus all vegan and only in glass, best for people and planet. HIVITA also gives back 50% of profits to charities such as FAIR SHARE, Cathy Freeman Foundation, FIGHT MND, Bravehearts and Dementia Australia.

HIVITA is the official wellness brand of the Gold Coast Suns AFL team. Tried and tested on the field and off.

So if you want to feel Hi On Life, try HIVITA, The Happy Energy Brand! Available at all CHEMIST WAREHOUSE Australia wide.

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